Performance Optimization:
Training and Nutrition Course

Performance Optimization:
Training & Nutrition Course

Have you ever had a race that didn’t quite go to plan? Are you recovering from an injury or injury prone? Do you love running but feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your training, goals or motivation? All of these things have happened to me and to get myself through these low points it all comes down to two important areas: nutrition and training. Join Will Benitez and Hillary Allen in a special 4-week course series where participants will learn key takeaways on how to approach training and nutrition to help you increase your performance potential and achieve your goals.

Topics include: 

  • Mapping out your Training
  • Optimizing Training Recovery
  • Injury Prevention and Healing
    • Cross-Training
    • Strength-Training
    • Nutrition for Rehabilitation
  • Tapering + Race Day (spring) / Off season (fall)

Your Commitment

4 weekly sessions // 90 mins per session

$250 per person (just $62.50 per session!)

October 18
5pm PST (6pm MT/8pm ET)
October 25
5pm PST (6pm MT/8pm ET)
November 1
5pm PST (6pm MT/8pm ET)
November 8
5pm PST (6pm MT/8pm ET)

Weekly Breakdown

Participants who sign up will be able to submit their specific nutrition and training questions before each week’s course.

Week 1: Mapping out your Training

Whether you’ve run 10 races or you’ve just signed up for your first, there are always ways to improve your training. In this session, we’ll talk about planning your race year, how to best approach your training design, and we’ll review performance nutrition tips and product types.

Week 2: Optimizing Training Recovery

Your training hours make up about 10-15% of your day, which means that you mostly spend your day in recovery mode. In this session, we’ll discuss ways to optimize your recovery so that you are sleeping better, keeping stress low, and eating right, all to recover more efficiently.

Week 3: Injury Prevention and Healing

Injuries often happen, and it sucks when they do. In this session, we’ll talk about ways to reduce injury risk, tips to improve injury healing, and how to approach the mental and emotional side of the injury recovery process.

Week 4: Tapering + Race Day (spring) / Off season (fall)

You’ve gotten through training for your big race, the hardest part of the cycle, but there are three important phases left: tapering, racing, and what comes next. In this session, we’ll discuss how to nail the taper and how to approach the off-season to set yourself up for success for your next build!


What’s included in the course:

15% discount on Nutrition Coaching


Signed copy of Hillary’s book, Out and Back

Brooks RunHappy Swag


Hillary wearing Brooks Hat

Discount on The Feed


Hillary Allen the Feed
Free entry for 1 dietary analysis & consultation with Will
Will OnPace Nutrition
Free entry for 1 coaching consultation with Hillary