I’m so excited for this season! To share with you some goals and plans for the 2020 season. Of course, I will try to fit in as much adventuring as possible since that’s how I enjoy training for these events.

photo credit: Guillem Casanova

First up is Rasputitsa April 18th in Vermont. A muddy mess as it’s fabled to be, and a cold one too. This race is a spring classic for gravel bike aficionados and since I’ve quickly fell in love with riding my gravel bike, I’m headed out to Rasputitsa to likely do the 100km route, or the classic 70km course. I’ve been fortunate enough to team up with Saris this year to fully send on gravel! So that’s how i’m starting off my season!

But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about running. I’m planning to mix in gravel bike racing and running races in the spring as I prepare for a summer of running adventures. Which leads me to my next race, Quad Rock 50 Mile, may 9th. I’m so incredibly excited to race this race, not only because it’s put on by an incredible organization and group of runners, but because it’s in my home town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Although I wasn’t a trail runner when I lived in Fort Collins, every time I go back to visit I run the trails of Lory State Park and i’m so excited to put on my first running race bib of the season at Quad Rock 50M!

photo credit: Guillem Casanova

After Quad Rock 50M I’m hoping back on my gravel bike and heading back to Dirty Kanza 200 mile (lottery pending of course)! If you remember this was my very first bike race EVER. It was long, grueling and so much fun. My nutrition sponsor Skratch Labs with co-founder Allen Lim, taught me so much about riding bikes and tackling this challenge, I have to go back to experience it again (there are some great you tube videos to re-cap if you’re interested).

After all the fun on my bike and on my feet I head back to Europe to compete in my favorite area in Italy – the Dolomites. I’m planning to run the Cortina Trail 48km as part of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail event. It might be a shorter distance than the big event of Lavaredo 120km, but this course is beautiful, brutal and it has a special place in my heart. I will use this race and the surrounding weeks to put in a big training block (my favorite!) for my big goal race of the summer.

Then it’s UTMB!! My first go at a 100 mile race. Of course, I came pretty close to running the distance at TDS last year, but i’m more than excited to try it out at UTMB. There’s a ton of competition, (as expected!) which brings out the best in everyone, and i’m super excited to toe the line with a bunch of strong women. See the full line up here.

photo credit: Guillem Casanova

Then I head back to the United States for the biggest event of the year in trail running and after parties. It’s Run the Rut in Big Sky, Montana. This is one of my most favorite races in the entire world and I can’t wait to return for some recovery, fun and maybe even a fun hike up the VK course (we’ll see how UTMB goes!).

photo credit: Sami Sauri

The rest of the year is up in the air as far as racing goes. It’s all pending a proper and adequate recovery from the season. But I bet I will find some good adventures to do. So there it is! Thank you to all my sponsors for their continued support, with out The North Face, JayBird, Saris, Skratch Labs, Swiftwick Socks, iKOR labs and Coros, I couldn’t do all of these events.

Hope to see you out there this year! What races/adventures/events do you have planned?


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