Coaching is more than just preparing for a race. It’s about finding a balance to train physically and to mentally prepare for a goal. Coaching to me is so much more than formulating workouts, it’s about working together, communication and an invested approach to determine what works specifically for you. Life has a lot of moving pieces, I’m invested in the person first, to balance your athletic goals to fit your lifestyle.
My coaching back ground started during my undergraduate, where I pursued a degree in organic chemistry. I then earned my masters degree in Neuroscience and Physiology and structural biology from University of Colorado, Denver. With over 10 years of coaching experience, of all age ranges, my coaching style is balanced with a scientific, yet compassionate approach.  
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I am a (very) slow, (very) recreational runner and the thought of working with a running coach seemed kind of ridiculous to me given my ability level. However, I took the leap and I could not be more grateful! I have the incredible privilege of working with Hillary Allen! When I work with Hillary, she makes me feel so capable and she treats me like an athlete! Yes, she is a rockstar and elite athlete and this may sound intimidating, but in this capacity she is a coach (and cheerleader) who values my goals and limitations and who does so with kindness and patience! She has worked with my busy schedule, is responsive to my questions and time constraints and has helped me literally shave minutes off my time. This is such well spent time and money! Hillary is helping me reach my goals and it’s so exciting!

Lisa R.Oregon

When looking for a running coach, I wanted someone who did more than simply send me plans through an online coaching platform. I needed someone who encouraged me, celebrated my victories (big or small), and listened to my concerns & worries. Hillary does all of that and more! She is such a beautiful mix of talent, compassion, dedication, and “girl power”! Hillary also coaches my wife. Even though we may not race the same distances anymore, Hillary knows exactly how to keep it a family affair no matter if it be training, crewing, pacing, racing….she gets it. I am so incredibly lucky to have her on my side guiding me throughout all of my adventures in life!

Jaime McDonaldNorth Carolina

Hillary Allen is equal parts inspiration and brass tacks. She combines these traits and skills to create a responsive and empowering coaching technique. Specifically, since it is a strong motivator for me, I have appreciated the way in which HIllary has supported strategies to continue incorporating novelty and adventure into my training. This resulted in highlighting the importance of scheduling events that bring personal excitement and motivation. For me this has included organized races as part of my training strategy and schedule. Hillary also seems to clearly understand the importance of awareness related to the many negative blackholes that can interfere with training. When I had to pull back at one point during my training due to extended exertion, I felt fully supported in re-centering around my recovery-realistic goals. This support allowed me to build back to a sustainable running practice. The immediate situation was supported by Hillary via recommendations and referrals to improve my nutrition, body mechanics, cross training etc. This was balanced with encouragement to keep my eye on the long term goal of fitness sustainability. This phase cemented my perception that I could share everything openly with Hillary - from the existential discussions about motivation and success, to the nitty-gritty of body ailments and the plethora of logistics inherent in the sport. Hillary truly possesses the traits of an authentically stellar coach. For anyone who would benefit from a guide, teacher, listener, model of 'practicing what you coach' you need to look no further.

Tim M.Illinois

I had not been formally coached in many years so when I started looking for a coach to take my running to the next level I was worried I would be reluctant to give any coach my full trust. I initially reached out to Hillary after feeling like I got to know her through her book. Hillary was quick to return my message, and it was apparent from our first conversation that she deserved my complete trust. She has been very diligent in getting to know me as an athlete and a person. Her coaching style is very positive and encouraging. I am very proud of our accomplishments together so far, and I look forward to many more seasons of working together.

Sophie McDonaldNorth Carolina

Since I began working with coach Hillary, I have become a much stronger, more confident and overall better athlete. This has shown in my performance improvement in trail race distances from the half marathon to the 100 miler. She has also introduced me to a new sport (cycling) and incorporates strength training into my training to be a stronger and healthier athlete. Additionally, she has taken the time to really understand me as a person, not just an athlete, by regularly checking in with me about running related things and on my personal life. I consider myself so lucky to work with someone as smart and talented as coach Hillary.

Elise MordosNew York