My career as an endurance athlete has not been straight forward. Through injury, setbacks and unexpected challenges, nothing is impossible if you're willing to work hard for something you love.

Out And Back: A Runner's Story of Survival Against All Odds

With one step I was airborne, the ground gave way beneath my feet and I was spinning as the horizon turned upside down. I hit the ground again, and again and again. With each impact I felt bones breaking, my skin ripping. I grasped for something, anything to stop my momentum, but then I was in the air again – spinning. I heard my own voice, floating above my head, calmly say “Hillary, this is it, you’re dying” I told myself to keep calm, breathe, it will all be over soon.

You can challenge the impossible

Not many people fall 150 feet of a ridge-line and live to tell the story. This is my story of a nearly fatal fall, that brought me back to life again.